Governance Group Terms of Reference: Draft


The Governance Group will provide high-level strategic governance for the Targeted Review of Beauty Services Qualifications, in accordance with Requirements for listing and maintaining qualifications on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.  The Group will consult with and communicate progress to key stakeholders and other interested parties and provide final endorsement of the qualifications concerned.

Review Stakeholders

The following groups of stakeholders will be engaged as required:

  • Current owners of beauty services qualifications
  • Employers and other end-users including self-employed industry practitioners and business owners
  • Secondary schools
  • Learners/trainees and graduates
  • Product companies
  • NZQA

The HITO Project Team is leading the review.  Members are:

  • Erica Cumming – Chief Executive Officer, Project Manager
  • Tanya Berryman – National Quality Assurance representative
  • Robyn Fitzgerald – NZQA-appointed advisor
  • Sara Luey – Quality Assurance Administrator

Kim Crosland, is the NZQA Sector Relationship Manager allocated to this review, and is independent of the project team.


The principles guiding the Governance Group are to:

  • gain widespread support from stakeholders for the review
  • focus on the best outcomes to meet the current needs of industry/sector/community and to consider future needs
  • have a commitment to working openly and collaboratively within the Governance Group and with stakeholders
  • use a rigorous process that inspires confidence from the sector and results in consensus being reached
  • ensure the needs analysis report is evidence-based
  • develop a suite of qualifications that provide for flexibility in delivery and have clear pathways and outcomes


The Governance Group will:

  • establish the direction and tone of the review
  • determine and establish a decision-making process (underpinned by effective consultation with stakeholders) and related timeframes
  • confirm the stakeholder profile
  • consult with and disseminate information to stakeholders throughout the review process
  • establish working groups with a relevant representation of industry and providers
  • consider the needs analysis and approve the needs analysis report
  • oversee the mapping of the relationships between current roles/skill sets and qualifications within a sector
  • ensure that the qualifications proposed are based on learner, employer, industry and community needs and interests
  • endorse the submission of the proposed suite of qualifications to NZQA
  • consider feedback and suggestions from stakeholder consultations and agree on amendments
  • endorse the submission of the fully developed qualifications to NZQA
  • approve the final report
  • keep abreast of other NZQA Reviews
  • monitor the smooth and seamless transition from old qualifications to new

Responsibilities and Protocols

The chairperson will:

  • chair Governance Group meetings
  • facilitate open discussion and agreement with proposed outcomes
  • assist with resolution if there is opposition to the outcomes proposed (within the Governance Group and/or with stakeholders)
  • respond to enquiries regarding Governance Group decisions and process
  • authorise media releases and interviews

Governance Group members will:

  • keep to the agreed scope and timeline of the project
  • contribute constructively to the work of the Group based on
  • open sharing of information
  • respect for Group members and the sector they represent
  • respect for privacy and confidentiality
  • acknowledgement of conflicts of interest
  • actively contribute to reaching consensus, acting in good faith
  • commit to the full period of the review process
  • maintain regular attendance at meetings at their own expense (including printing agenda documents if required)
  • confirm minutes
  • respond to communications
  • provide informed advice and input concerning issues, trends and projects
  • speak on behalf of and communicate progress to their networks of stakeholders

At meetings Governance Group members must be prepared to:

  • participate in discussions
  • listen to and reflect on each other’s contributions
  • remain open minded
  • allow sufficient time for discussion to occur
  • obtain sufficient information to allow the participants to have an informed discussion
  • be prepared to change stance as a result of discussion

Attendance of half the members constitutes a quorum.  A member may nominate a substitute for a meeting, in consultation with the chairperson.  The substitute will have full voting rights for that meeting only.

Where consensus cannot be reached, the Governance Group may be required to vote. In this case a minimum of two thirds of members in favour is required for a motion to be carried.

Time Commitment

Governance Group members will need to commit time to ensure that they carry out their role effectively and complete the deliverables according to the agreed timeline.  Reading and consideration of documents prior to meetings is required and all members are expected to attend meetings and share in the work.

Structure and Establishment

The Governance Group will have 5-7 members.  NZQA describes the membership of the Governance Group as one that includes people who are representative and credible, with the authority to make decisions on behalf of the stakeholders they represent.

Selection Process

Expressions of interest will be called for through stakeholder networks.  The draft Terms of Reference for the Governance Group and a nomination template will be made available.  Members will include at least one representative each from the ITP sector, PTE providers and other providers in the education sector and from industry/employers from each of beauty therapy, nail technology and makeup artistry.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacancies, selection shall be by ballot of stakeholders of any over-represented group.  If insufficient nominations are received, HITO may invite a suitably qualified person (or persons) to be a member of the Governance Group.

The Governance Group may call for further expressions of interest through stakeholder networks and/or co-opt members to address particular aspects of the review.

Disestablishment and Resignation

NZQA Quality Assurance Division may disestablish the Governance Group if it has become inactive or ineffective in meeting its terms of reference in accordance with the criteria listed in the Guidelines for the review of qualifications at levels 1 to 6 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.  The Group may agree to release an individual from membership as a result of resignation or failure to meet the stated responsibilities. The replacement process will follow that of establishment.

Reporting Requirements

Reporting will include confirmation of the:

  • stakeholder profile
  • review plan
  • industry needs analysis and mapping exercise
  • new suite of qualifications for consultation
  • report to NZQA with proposed suite of qualifications at about the 6 month mark
  • fully developed qualifications for NZQA
  • process for post-review monitoring of qualifications

Decisions will be reported as required to:

  • current qualification owners
  • wider stakeholder groups including industry and employers
  • NZQA


On behalf of the Governance Group, the HITO project team will have the following responsibilities:

  • Preparing and disseminating
    • briefing notes
    • draft review plan
    • schedule of meetings
    • agenda items
    • minutes of meetings
    • documents required for approval to develop and approval to list qualifications
    • consultation documents
    • collated feedback from consultation
  • Managing the Review Plan
  • Gathering data for needs analysis
  • Preparing the draft needs analysis report
  • Documenting outputs from the working groups
  • Maintaining and making available information for, and the outcomes of, consultation
  • Completing administrative tasks including arranging meeting venues and catering
  • Maintaining web pages

The HITO project team will not:

  • Arrange or pay for stakeholder travel and expenses
  • Print discussion documents that are sent to stakeholders and/or are available on the website
  • Make changes to Governance Group approved documentation


Governance Group members will cover their own participation costs, including the printing of discussion documents if required.

Costs will be kept to a minimum through use of video conference and other facilities.

HITO will fund the venue and catering for Governance Group meetings in Wellington.

Dispute resolution

Should there be any disputes within the Governance Group; the Chairperson will discuss the matter promptly with the parties concerned, with a view to reaching early resolution.  Where discussion does not resolve the dispute, the issue will be referred to the Sector Relationship Manager allocated to the Beauty Services Review, Kim Crosland.

This draft document is also available as a PDF download :Draft Governance Group Terms of Reference