Working Groups Terms of Reference: Draft

The purpose of the Beauty Services Review Working Groups is to provide technical input into the development of qualifications during the review, under the guidance of the Governance Group.  Each group will represent an area covered by the Beauty Services Review, namely beauty therapy, nail technology, makeup artistry, and special effects aspects of Beauty Services.


The working groups will consist of members nominated by their respective organisations or who are independent practitioners.  Members will be approved by the Governance Group.  It is expected that each group will have about six members, selected through information supplied in the nomination form.  Members may also be co-opted by the Governance Group, to provide balance and adequate numbers.  Governance Group members are invited to attend and participate in working groups to support the process and provide information and direction to the working groups.

Working group members are required to have:

  • current expertise and experience in the area
  • understanding of qualification development
  • strong networks within their area of interest
  • an ability to work in a team and achieve consensus
  • commitment to the Review principles
  • time and availability to participate in meetings, consultation and email communication


Working groups are responsible for:

  • contributing to the required needs analysis
  • mapping new qualifications against industry needs identified by the needs analysis
  • identifying a draft suite of qualifications in their area that provides defined pathways to further study and/or employment
  • developing a draft Strategic Purpose Statement and Graduate Outcome Statements for each qualification
  • reporting to the Governance Group (meeting minutes, recommendations)
  • making amendments, if required by the Governance Group

Working group members will:

  • appoint a working group leader who reports to the Governance Group (may be the GG member on the working group)
  • keep to the agreed scope and timelines set by the Governance Group
  • actively contribute to reaching consensus
  • act in good faith
  • share the work and encourage participation
  • represent and consult with their network of stakeholders
  • attend meetings and workshops (may be face to face, or by video or teleconference)
  • provide a minute taker for the meeting

Duration and cost

Working groups will be required for at least six months.  Each workshop may be of one or two days and the venue will usually, but not necessarily be in Wellington.  Each group member will cover personal travel costs.  The venue and catering can be organised by HITO if the meeting is in Wellington.  It is important costs are kept to a minimum and the use of other tools like video conferencing or skype are encouraged.  For those members who find it financially hard it is important to discuss with the administration team how this obstacle can be resolved.

Workshop administration

The HITO project team will provide:

  • preparation of papers prior to the meeting
    • provision of data collected from the needs survey
    • communication to members
    • facilitation of workshops
    • collation of meeting notes (forwarded to the Governance Group)

Absence and retirement

Nominated members, if prevented from attending a meeting, may arrange for an appropriate substitute by notifying the Chair of the Governance Group.  It is the responsibility of the committee member to make sure the substitute is fully briefed and understands their responsibilities in line with the terms of reference.

In order to ensure consistency the same substitute is to be used wherever possible.  The substitute has full voting rights for that meeting only.

Any member of a working group may at any time resign by advising the Chair of the Governance Group.  If necessary, the Governance Group will decide how to fill the skill gap.

Dispute resolution

Should there be any disputes within a working group, the matter will be referred to the meeting facilitator (if occurring at a meeting) or to the Chair of the Governance Group.  Resolution of a dispute will be undertaken in consultation with the parties involved, including the Governance Group who will ensure that the interests of the Beauty Services Review prevail.

This draft document is also available as a PDF download :Draft Working Group Terms of Reference December 2012