Agenda Update: Meeting 7 April

The agenda for the meeting on Sunday 7 April has been updated.

Agenda Consultation Meeting 7 April 2013 (v2)


  • 9.00 am Coffee/Tea
  • 9.30 am Housekeeping Robyn Fitzgerald (Facilitator)
  • 9.33 am Welcome
  • 9.45 am Introduction to TRoQ Kim Crosland
  • 10.10 am Industry view Video
  • 10.25 am Suggestions for other industry contacts,
    • access to employees, students, graduates
    • Single point of contact responsibilities
    • Website Facilitator
  • 11.10 am Break into discussion groups
  • 11.45 am LUNCH
  • 12.30 pm Feedback from discussion groups Presenter from group
  • 1.40 pm The project – what is it? Who does what? Facilitator
  • 2.10 pm Governance group and Working groups –
    • Roles and responsibilities – Terms of reference
    • Nominations Facilitator
  • 2.30 pm Needs analysis – we need your help
  • 3.30 pm Where to from here?
    • Questions from the floor Panel
  • 4.00 pm CLOSE

Questions for groups

  • What works well in qualifications currently being delivered?
  • What specialties do we need to consider in the review? Is a working group required for each?
  • What attributes are important to your area? Are there others to add to the list?
  • What difference does a qualification make in getting paid work?
  • To what extent do we need specialists and generalists? Is an all-rounder more employable?
  • What theories of learning and teaching inform current qualifications in beauty services?
  • What should be taught in class and what needs to be taught in the working environment?
  • Are beauty services qualifications keeping pace with technological changes?
  • How well do beauty services qualifications prepare graduates to be self-employed?
  • What workforce planning has been developed to identify future needs and demands?
  • List the type of jobs for each specialty.
  • List the type of skills gained from this specialty.
  • What else should be considered?