Message from Eve McMahon (NZQA)

Tēnā koutou,

We are writing to let you know that the Beauty Services qualifications are now due for review.

The first step of the review is for the lead of the review to facilitate and prepare and submit a plan to NZQA no later than 8 July 2013.

Review Lead

The review will be led by Erica Cumming from the NZ Hairdressing Industry Training Organisation Inc (HITO) and Erica can be contacted by email at
A website about the review and its progress has been developed and you can access it by visiting this website address

Qualification Review Guidelines

The qualification review guidelines can be accessed at

In addition to the guidelines, NZQA can provide assistance to help with the review process. Please contact or the Sector Relationship Manager if you would like to access this.

Sector Relationship Manager

Kim Crossland is the Sector Relationship Manager who is allocated to the review to provide a direct point of contact between NZQA and the review process. Kim will also be able to provide guidance and address issues that arise during the review around NZQA procedures.

Professional Advisor

NZQA have contracted an independent professional advisor to assist in the review process, Robyn Fitzgerald. Robyn’s role as part of team to achieve the intent of the review means she is able to provide advice on establishing governance and working group structures as well as recommendations for additional resources and expertise needed for the review. Robyn will also be able to support the designated review lead in actively managing the review process to ensure time frames and milestones are met.

Matauranga Maori Evaluative Quality Assurance

The Mātauranga Māori Evaluative Quality Assurance (MM EQA) approach enables developers and providers of Mātauranga Māori qualifications and programmes to opt-in to the MM EQA pathway. More information is available at NZQA will provide support to help interested parties make informed decisions about whether MM EQA is the right pathway for them.

The 2014 Review Schedule

For your information, the 2014 schedule is available on the NZQA website, click on the following link

Please email if you have any questions or concerns about the review.

Please also forward this email to anyone who may have a direct interest in this review.

I wish you well with the review and look forward to the results.

Nāku noa, nā,

Eve McMahon

Manager – Review of Qualifications and Tertiary Moderation