New Documents Added 12 April

New documents were added to the DOCUMENTS section of the Beauty TRoQ website.

These documents come from the meeting held on 7 April.

  1. Beauty TRoQ Meeting Minutes – 7 April 2013 (PDF)
  2. TRoQ 2013 – Welcome presentation (PDF)
  3. Beauty TRoQ Presentation April 2013 v2 (PDF)
  4. TRoQ 2013 – NZQA presentation (PFD)
  5. Needs Analysis Report Requirements for presentation (WORD)
  6. What needs to happen flow chart (PDF)
  7. Governance-Working Group Nomination Form (PDF)

In addition there is a video presentation shown at the meeting that you can view from Youtube below. The video includes industry comments on personal experiences and future needs for beauty.