November Update

The current review of qualifications for Beauty Services was initially due to finish at the end of October. The Governance Group has recommended that a request be made to New Zealand Qualifications Authority to extend the project to April 2014.

The resignations of Adam Berry and Kim Crosland from the Governance Group have left big shoes to fill. Chris Body has taken up the challenge and we would like to welcome him to the Governance Group and thank Adam and Kim for their valuable and enthusiastic contributions. We wish them both well.

This review is dependent on consultation, participation, evidence, and research of beauty services. Our delay in progressing this project has been due in part to accessing and surveying some of our key stakeholders.

It is vital that we are able to obtain feedback and evidence of the training and learning needs from all our stakeholders. We are required to ensure that we have evidence of consultation with key stakeholders and in particular with industry to identify needs and growing trends within businesses and markets. This information will enable the working groups to develop a draft qualifications framework for beauty services in New Zealand.

During the last survey we noticed that many responders took to the internet afterhours generally from 9pm to 2am. This is an indication of how busy some are and how hard it is to obtain feedback or interact with some of our stakeholders.

Research and evidence from statistics are very important to assist us in informing and developing a qualifications framework. The Governance Group has contracted Melanie Ryan to research and draft a Beauty Industry Environmental Scan document to validate the information we gather. Here is a snippet of what Mel has gathered so far.

‘At the beginning of 2013, according to Statistics New Zealand business Statistics (ANZSIC06), there were 3,809 businesses in the Hairdressing and Beauty Services industry, and 9,880 individuals working in those businesses. Census information (2006) showed us that New Zealand hairdressing and beauty services industry:

• was made up mostly of small firms (92%), like most New Zealand businesses
• had higher levels of business owner operation when compared to all New Zealand industries
• had a predominantly young and female workforce: with a median age of 32, which is 8 years younger than the median age across the NZ workforce. Eighty-eight percent of the industry was female, compared to 47.1% of the total workforce
• was growing – the overall growth in the hairdressing and beauty industry in New Zealand from 2005 — 2010 was steady at 12% overall.’
We will continue working on the information gathered and it is anticipated that early in the new year we will have a draft qualifications framework ready for consultation.

On behalf of the Governance Group, I wish you all the best for the coming festive season. I know most of you will be extremely busy over the next few weeks. Keep watching our website. We will ensure you are provided with updates of how this important project is progressing.

Season greetings.

Erica Cumming