March 2014 Update

Low level sea fog in Wellington may have caused airline havoc on the 20 February but it did not stop the momentum of this review. Using electronic media via telephone conferencing and skyping we reviewed 6 draft qualifications submitted by the working groups for approval. One qualification has been put hold while feedback is obtained from the working group.

The Governance Group agreed to approve 5 of these draft qualifications and will prepare these for further stakeholder consultation and NZQA approval process.

Two new makeup qualifications have been developed; one new nail technology qualification, two beauty therapy and one combined beauty and makeup artistry qualification.

The Governance Group are impressed with the work output of the working groups and would like to publically applaud them for their contribution and enthusiasm.

We would also like to thank the Beauty Association for their continual financial support towards this review, enabling working group members to attend meetings.

What next?

The Governance Group will discuss the qualifications and recommend credits and levels for these draft qualifications to ensure they meet the NZQA listing requirements at their next meeting in March. It is anticipated that these will be ready for further and wider consultation with stakeholders and NZQA during March and April.