Draft suite of beauty qualifications ready to submit to NZQA

After eighteen months of hard work by many people the draft suite of beauty qualifications has been approved by the Governance Group to submit to NZQA for consideration and approval.

A big thank you to all those involved especially those on the working groups who had spent many hours contributing to the development of the framework of these qualifications.  To those who took the time to respond to our surveys – thank you.

The overwhelming positive response from the monkey survey of the draft qualifications was a big thumbs up!  With minor alterations and recommendations that the detail includes specific areas of study the shape of the suite of qualifications is looking very good.

The changing content of these qualifications has been heavily influenced by feedback from all stakeholders; research from within New Zealand and overseas; the need to future proof the qualifications; changing legislative and local government regulation; the realisation that improved business management skills were required to ensure managers/operators/owners were able to sustain their business and manage change; and the need to raise the knowledge and skills of graduates in preparation for an increasing demand from both industry and the general public for a higher qualified graduate.

What is next?

A request to complete attestation statements from programme owners has been actioned and along with the suite of qualifications these will be submitted to NZQA for consideration and approval.  This will occur in the next two weeks.

When feedback from NZQA has been received the governance group will identify what specific work will be required and by whom to ensure these are fit for purpose and can be signed off for development.  This should occur early next year.  We will continue to provide an update when information comes to hand.