NZQA Qualification Review Update

NZQA has now reviewed the application to develop the suite of beauty qualifications.

The Governance Group have reviewed this response and are still seeking clarity on some aspects of the response.   However we can confirm that NZQA has given approval to work towards the next stage with seven of the nine proposed qualifications (NZQA call the next stage Approval to List).   For the two proposed qualifications that were not given the approval to develop (NZ Cert in Prosthetics and Performance Makeup L5 and NZ Cert in Specialised Skin Care Therapy L6), the Governance Group have agreed to continue to pursue these qualifications and seek approval again.

As there had been a lot of work undertaken by the Working Groups before the submission to NZQA, this has meant that this work can now be used to start to populate the documents required for the Approval to List stage.  This initial work will be undertaken and then further consultation with the Working Groups and the sector will commence.

Further updates will be provided as soon as they come to hand.  In the meantime we continue to value any input or thoughts that you have.  We also encourage you to keep up to date with this website and complete any surveys when they are uploaded.